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"Life perpetually moves in a forward motion, without rewinds or second chances. We're lucky to be living in an era where individuals can pursue their passions and profit from their dreams. FMotion is committed to powering promotion through vibrant unique digital content. We're here to help audiences engage in entertainment, in brands, in sport, in business and, more importantly, in people.

- FMotion -

Our Team

My journey in Sales and Marketing began back in the days of Blockbuster Video, long before the digital marketing revolution. It's been a fascinating transition, moving with the times since purchasing my first PC in 1997, continually upgrading and learning new skills along the way. Today, with the advances in AI technology, I see incredible opportunities that are open to everyone, and I'm eager to share my knowledge and turn dreams into reality.

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Sarah Lloyd


With a Sales and Marketing Management Degree and leadership experience, I'm dedicated to providing a first class service to our clients at FMotion. I blend my passion for graphic design with AI and modern technology to create user-friendly websites, engaging social content, and distinctive branding. Always leading with creativity and aiming high, I'm committed to pushing FMotion and your brand to the forefront in this digital marketing era.

Emily, our in-house media specialist, has a strong foundation in mathematics. She uses analytical precision and creativity to develop tailored advertising strategies for small and large clients alike.  Emily also has many years experience in growing social channels, enhancing both brand visibility and engagement. Emily adds value with her wealth of experience and results-driven approach.

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Adam Lloyd


Emily Rose


Media Strategy

Daniel has qualifications in art, design, model making, and a degree in 3D design. He adds a creative edge to our projects. His lengthy entrepreneurial background and passion for digital graphics and model making make him an invaluable member of the team.

David has an impressive background in finance, shaped by experiences at consumer-centric companies like Avon Cosmetics. His understanding of strategic financial planning directly translates into more effective, budget-friendly marketing campaigns for our clients. 

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Daniel Knight

Creative & AI Integration 

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David Campbell

Money Man!

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